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 The Fire In The Flint To Burn or Not to Burn (or both!)

Chanukah Mnemonics

"One gold ladle of ten (shekels) filled with incense..." (Bamidbar 7:14 Torah Reading on Chanukah)

During the entire Yom Tov of Chanukah, we read each morning about the offerings the Nesi'im brought to the dedication of the Mishkan. Among the donated items was "One golden spoon full of incense." These words are acronyms which allude to the basic laws of Chanukah.

Kaf - a spoon = Kaf Pachos - The Menorah should be lower than 20 cubits above the ground.

Achas - Alef-Ches Tadlik - starting with one and increase to eight.

Asrah - Ad Shetichle Regel min Hashuk - It may be lit until people stop walking the streets.

Zahav - Zemana bein Hashmashot - Lighting time starts at twilight.

Mlei'ah - Mitzvah L'haniach Etzel Hapesach - It should be placed near the entrance door.

Ketores - Karov Tefach Rochav Tadlik - Within a hand breadth of the width of the door, kindle.

 The Fire In The Flint To Burn or Not to Burn (or both!)

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