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 Spiritual Nourishment  When Private Affects Public

Guaranteed Protection

....The festival of Pesach, so named after the Korban-Pesach, emphasizes the importance of Chinuch - the proper rearing of Jewish children. As a matter of fact, one of the underlying motives for the whole Seder is to educate the children - each and all of the children.

This can also be seen from the Haggada ("Here the child asks the questions", "Of four sons the Torah speaks", "And thou shalt tell it to thy son, etc.). However, the Korban-Pesach emphasizes most forcefully the extent to which Jewish education affects not only the child, but also the parents:

If parents fail in their duty to their child, and do not bring him into the "Eternal Covenant" with G-d, to the degree of it being engraved not merely on the child's soul, but also in the body (as it is written, "And my covenant shall be in your flesh for an eternal covenant") - then, not only do they, G-d forbid, deprive their child of the Eternal Covenant and of all the blessings that go with it (and with the Korban-Pesach), but the parents, too, forfeit the opportunity of offering the Korban-Pesach, together with all the things and blessings associated with it, both material and spiritual; specifically the benefit spelled out in the Torah: "It is a Pesach unto G-d... and I will pass over you (or I will have mercy on you)... and shall not let the destroyer (plague) enter your houses to smite." This is G-d's assurance of mercy and protection even in a world afflicted with ills, physical or spiritual; the Jew who properly observes the "Korban Pesach" is promised that such ills will "pass over" him and his house.

At the time when the children of Israel were in Egypt, the Korban Pesach protected their houses against the Destroyer (Plague) raging outside. Only the firstborn were threatened then. But in our day and age, when Jews everywhere are still in Golus, in a physical as well as a spiritual Golus, some Jewish parents have unfortunately disregarded the Korban-Pesach, the first prerequisite of which, as stated in the Torah, is: "withdraw and take unto yourselves," meaning, "withdraw from idolatry (foreign ideologies) and cleave to Mitzvos."

Consequently, the Destroyer finds an open door to these houses, seeking victims to lead astray, G-d forbid, and not discriminating whether they be firstborn or not, boys or girls. The plague has spread to many Jewish homes, Heaven protect us. This is the result of the failure of some parents to abandon the alien (and inimical to true Yiddishkeit) ideologies, while some parents who endeavor to fulfill the said directive of "withdraw and take unto yourselves." have nevertheless abdicated their duty and responsibility of bringing up their children in the way of true Yiddishkeit, the way of Torah and Mitzvos, from their earliest age.

The sad and tragic effects of such an attitude are not far to seek, sad and tragic not only for the neglected children, but also for the neglecting parents.

The festival of Pesach, and especially the Korban Pesach, reminds us most emphatically that if Jews desire to secure for themselves and their children the blessing of "I shall have mercy and passover (exclude) you" and of the "Season of Our Liberation" in general - liberation from all existing and potential harm, both with (unrestrained natural proclivities) as well as, and especially, without (the harmful influences and pressures of the environment) - at a time when the Destroyer roams in the streets and even in the halls of learning - such liberation can be assured only if the parents themselves will reject all "idolatries" and attach themselves to authentic Yiddishkeit, at the same time giving their children a thorough Torah-true Jewish education from infancy, the kind of education which is sealed in their body and soul, through the practical fulfillment of the Torah and Mitzvos in the daily life, in actual practice. Then there is hope and confidence that the parents and their children, all the children, will be together at the Seder- table and celebrate Pesach, the Festival of Our Liberation - liberation in all respects.

This will also bring nearer and hasten the true Liberation - the true and complete Geuloh - through our righteous Moshiach.

With prayerful wishes for a kosher and happy Pesach and true Liberation -

 Spiritual Nourishment  When Private Affects Public

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