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 Passover Anecdotes The Special Matzos

The Right Hand

"It's more than just a desire to prolong the holiday spirit," the man from Boro Park said to his fellow passenger, riding to Crown Heights on the night following the last day of Passover.

"It's quite exhilarating to enter "770", where thousands of people are still celebrating the holiday, as opposed to my community, where everyone hurries home after Havdalah to put away the Pesach dishes.

"But I don't come just for the inspiration. I make this trip after every holiday when the Rebbe distributes some of the "cup of blessing" after Havdalah. I've heard of numerous miraculous incidents occurring at these occasions."

The two men stood in line, waiting together with the thousands of others to approach the Rebbe. After the first one received his wine, the second held out a small cup to receive wine from the Rebbe. Instead of pouring, the Rebbe motioned to the man to hold the cup with his right hand.

The man made no move to exchange hands and the Rebbe did not pour the wine. An attendant urged him: "Reb Yid, please hold the cup in your right hand."

With obvious trepidation, the man extended his right hand. He looked on in disbelief as the Rebbe filled his cup. The people around him were almost annoyed with the delay he had caused the Rebbe. But he wholeheartedly forgave them. How could they have known that his right hand had been paralyzed?

 Passover Anecdotes The Special Matzos

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