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 A Lesson About Chametz A Certain Sort of 'Great'

The Rebbe's Children

The Rebbe was conducting his Pesach seder.

When it was time to eat the afikoman, the Rebbe inquired about a group of yeshivah students who had been sent to serve as shluchim to promote the growth of the Lubavitch Yeshivah in Melbourne, Australia.

The students had returned to New York for the holiday.

The Rebbe was informed that the young men were staying at "770", and they were quickly summoned. The Rebbe handed each of the shluchim a piece of the afikoman. "It is written," the Rebbe said, "that one must give each member of his household a piece of the afikoman. The shluchim are members of my household. In truth, all the yeshivah students are my children. Still, the shluchim command special attention."

 A Lesson About Chametz A Certain Sort of 'Great'

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