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 Matanot Le'evyonim - Gifts to the Poor The History of Purim

Purim Seudah - Festive Meal

It is customary to recite the afternoon service early in the afternoon and then hold the Purim feast.

Even when the feast is prolonged past nightfall, one should include the passage, "Ve'al Hanissim" in Grace after meals because the feast was begun during the day.

If one desires to hold the feast in the morning, he may.

Before commencing the meal, one should engage a bit in the study of Torah.

It is customary to drink wine during the meal.

It is customary to eat krepchen on Purim

It is customary to eat haman-tashen on Purim. One reason is that the word "tash" means "weak." The miracle of Purim was that Hashem weakened the mighty Haman, who wanted to annihilate the Jewish people, and he was made powerless.

The haman-tash is triangular to resemble Haman's hat, and it is filled with poppy seeds as a remembrance for the ten thousand silver talents Haman was ready to give to the King's treasury for the annihilation.

When Purim falls on Friday, the festive meal should be made in the morning before noon.

 Matanot Le'evyonim - Gifts to the Poor The History of Purim

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