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What is Sukkot?

Intermediate Days

Hoshana Rabba

Simchat Torah

 Intermediate Days Simchat Torah

Hoshana Rabba

The seventh day of Sukkot, is called Hoshana Rabba.

It is customary to stay awake the night before and recite portions of Torah and the Book of Psalms after midnight. After the recital of the Psalms we eat an apple dipped in honey.

Part of the morning prayers include circling the Bima (platform) seven times, lulav and etrog in hand. Then we recite special prayers, called "Hoshanot." At the culmination of the Hoshanot (in an ancient rite of profound mystical significance), we beat on the floor five willow branches which are bound together, symbolically "sweetening" G-d's judgment.

 Intermediate Days Simchat Torah

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