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Jewish Lessons for Windows

NEW: Wildcard search (* and ?) capability has been added to the Hebrew texts.
Print & Copy capabilities have been added to most texts.

Daily Lessons
  • With a built-in perpetual calendar/Moreh Shiur for studying the daily lessons.
  • The builtin calendar allows you to go directly to today's lesson.
Hebrew / Hebrew & English (JPS)
Hebrew and English
Hayom Yom
Original Text, Hebrew, and English
Weekly Texts
Chumash With Targum
שנים מקרא ואחד תרגום
חומש עם תרגום אונקלס
The Weekly Aliyot (English) Providing a short summary of the Torah portion read in the Synagogue on Shabbat.

You are encouraged to read the complete Torah portion of the week, with the complete Rashi, in a real Chumash.

12 Pesukim
י"ב פסוקים
Hebrew & English
Mishnayos (Hebrew)
Complete Mishnayos, with built-in hebrew support.
Gemara (Hebrew)
גמרא - תלמוד בבלי
(עם פרש"י)
Complete Talmud Bavli, with built-in hebrew support.
Siddur (Hebrew)
Likutei Sichos (Hebrew)
ליקוטי שיחות

Thanks to
Empire Press

Toras Menachem (Hebrew)
תורת מנחם

Thanks to

Sicha Yomis
שיחה יומית

A Project of

Luach Colel Chabad
לוח כולל חב"ד

Thanks to
NEW: Hebrew - 5773 / English - 5773
Basi Legani
באתי לגני
Hebrew / English
Books from SIE (English) Including:
  • Basi L'Gani
  • Highlights of Moshiach
  • In The Garden Of The Torah
  • Birthday Reflections & Celebrations
  • The Making of Chassidim
  • Links in the Chassidic Legacy
  • Branches Of The Chassidic Menorah
  • and much more...
Holiday Guides Everything About the following Holidays:
on The Torah
פרשני המקרא
Shulchan Aruch
שלחן ערוך


  1. How can I get the Hebrew to work?

  2. If you have a Hebrew font on your computer you can skip to #3.

    1. Download a Hebrew font, such as the Ezra SIL Hebrew font.

    2. Install the Hebrew font on your computer.

    3. Launch the Windows application.

    4. Choose the Font menu.

    5. Select the font name and size of the Hebrew font

    6. If you do not see Hebrew letters on the bottom section, try changing between 224 and 5D0.

  1. I have a Hebrew font on my computer, but I see Garbage on my screen, What now?

  2. try the following steps:

    1. Launch the Windows application.

    2. Choose the Font menu.

    3. Select the font name and size of the Hebrew font

    4. If you do not see Hebrew letters on the bottom section, try changing between 224 and 5D0.

  1. I am using Hebrew Enabled, and the Hebrew is backwards, What can I do?

  2. From the File menu, choose Reverse, this should fix it.

    Note: This feature is new to version 1.43b

Comments and/or questions regarding theses applications.

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