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Publisher's Foreword

The maamar that follows poses a fundamental question:

Since Mashiach will perfect the entire world and bring all mankind to a developed level of spiritual awareness, why is it necessary for him to accept the mantle of kingship?

Kingship seemingly is related to law enforcement and that will not be necessary in that era of ultimate knowledge and peace.

In resolution, the Rebbe explains that the fundamental task of a king is to convey transcendent influence to his people, an awareness of G-d so powerful that it causes them to lose all self concern. For this reason, kingship will be necessary in the Era of the Redemption.

Although Mashiach will also serve as a teacher, there are elements of G-dliness that cannot be conveyed intellectually, and these will be conveyed through kingship.

The Rebbe continues to explain how it is our Divine service in the era of exile, which expresses a commitment that transcends intellectual understanding which leads to the revelation of these transcendent influences in the Era of the Redemption.

May our study of the Rebbe's teachings inspire us to complete the spiritual mission with which he has charged us. And may these endeavors evoke G-d's blessings, including the ultimate blessing, the coming of the Redemption and the fulfillment of the prophecy: [Yeshayahu 26:19] "You who repose in the dust, arise and sing."

Sichos In English
22 Adar, 5756
 Chapters 5-7 Chapters 1-3

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